Imamura Shihan Seminar

Tatsunori Imamura (7th dan) is an internationally renowned instructor.  Sensei has taught throughout Eastern Europe, Russia and the U.S. He is from Hokkaido, Japan, and was profoundly influenced by his study with O‘Sensei in the last years of the founder’s life. He is the chief instructor of Sapporo International Aikikai. Imamura Sensei is very committed to the spiritual core of Aikido. This commitment was enhanced by his studies with Masahisa Goi Sensei (1916-1980), a philosophical/spiritual leader who was a close friend of O’ Sensei. Goi Sensei founded the Byakko Shinko Kai, which initiated the movement to plant Peace Poles worldwide. You may have seen one of these four-sided poles with the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” written in several languages.

This seminar is an increasingly rare opportunity to train under the direction of one O’Sensei’s direct students.  MWA is honored to co-host this event with Capital Aikikai at our Billings location October 18 – 20, 2024.

As the training area at the dojo is limited we ask that anyone interested in attending the event contact us via email ( for the latest on space availability and registration.   A hallmark of MWA events is that there is sufficient space on the mat for all to train and maintain an intimate size group for as much 1 on 1 interaction with sensei.

Imamura sensei last visited MWA in 2020 and provide us with an evening workshop in Livingston and a full weekend co-hosted with Two Rivers Aikido in Kalispell MT.  Those in attendance raved about the quality and depth of his instruction.  Here are some photos of that special occasion.

Please contact Tony Blomert at or (406) 223-8548 to reserve your spot at this training event.