Please join MWA in welcoming Lia Suzuki 7th dan as our Fall Seminar instructor September 27 -29, 2024 in Livingston MT.  Participants will enjoy an inspiring training experience along with all the wonderful joy found at a MWA weekend seminar!  Register by using this button:



Lia Suzuki Sensei is a senior student of Yoshinobu Takeda Shihan and National Director and Founder of Aikido Kenkyukai International USA, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. She’s also the author of the book, The Teacher from (The Aiki Dialogues).

Suzuki Sensei began training Aikido in 1982. Through her first teacher, the renowned William Gleason Sensei, 7th dan, she was introduced to the distinctive Aikido of the late Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan, 9th dan and one of his most accomplished students, Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan, 8th dan.

In 1987, only 3rd kyu, she moved to Kamakura, Japan to train with Takeda Shihan, known for his highly dynamic, uniquely flowing and physically liberating Aikido practice. Suzuki Sensei lived in Japan and trained almost daily from 1987 to 1996, receiving her 1st through 4th dan gradings at Takeda Shihan’s dojo during that time. Suzuki Sensei’s experience in Japan also gave her the opportunity to train with the late Yamaguchi Sensei and other notable masters.

At Takeda Shihan’s urging, Suzuki Sensei returned to start dojos in the USA in 1996. Aikido Kenkyukai International (“AKI”) was formed to connect all the dojos around the world that are under Takeda Shihan’s umbrella.

Suzuki Sensei regularly travels to Japan for training and is often requested to demonstrate aikido skills, here’s an example:

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Suzuki Sensei’s Aikido clearly reflects years of dedicated training with Takeda Shihan and his senior students. It defies typical categorizations of “hard” versus “soft.” She possesses an uncanny ability to draw an attacker into her center and effortlessly redirect, either softly or with huge force.

Suzuki Sensei directs her energies between AKI USA headquarters in Los Angeles, her other AKI USA dojos, and even dojos outside of her own organization. She has conducted seminars in Great Britain, Germany, China, the Netherlands, Australia, and other countries.

Suzuki Sensei’s personal mission is to foster inclusion in the Aikido world and to increase Aikido’s popularity among youth and those in their 20’s and 30’s. Register for this dynamic weekend of training by clicking on this button.