Aikido is a martial art, created in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba (referred to as O’Sensei). It is a mixture of traditional Japanese budo (warrior) techniques and the Founder’s deep spiritual beliefs.

Aikido’s relevance in today’s world is in the physical health and spiritual well-being of those who practice the art. Techniques are foremost a self-defense martial art. Training includes numerous exercise that focus not only on the physicality of techniques but also the mental and spiritual development that is hidden “inside” them. The later is usually discovered only after years of training.

Aikido training consists of the coordinated use of the whole body through controlled relaxation, flexibility and endurance. Training is suitable for people of all ages.  Therefore MWA offers classes for children and adults.

The approach taught at MWA can be traced directly to O’Sensei.  Our lineage is through Mitsugi Saotome, who is the longest tenured (15 years) student of the Founder.   Saotome Shihan held a close relationship to O’Sensei as a live-in student and remained with him until the Founder’s passing in 1969.  Upon arriving in the U.S., Saotome founded Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) and developed a network of dojo.  MWA is privileged to be among these select schools. It is through Mitsugi Saotome, that MWA instructors have received direct transmission of the Founder’s teachings.  MWA student’s have access to numerous activities throughout the year taught by ASU and visiting instructors.  ASU is a recognized member and affiliate of the International Aikikai (Tokyo Japan) which is the world wide governing body of Aikido.  For more information visit

Aikido techniques (waza) consist of throws, pins and movements as self-defense from attacks that include all manner of strikes, grabs and attacks. Students learn how to safely fall or roll to avoid injury from the techniques, known as ukemi.  The chief instructors at our Billings and Livingston MT locations are Scott Brady and Tony Blomert.  Beginning students are introduced to Aikido with a structured program that instills basic movements and safe training practices.  More advanced training uses martial training tools “weapons” such as the wooden training sword (Bokken) and staff (Jo). Many describe Aikido as the modern-day version of samurai training given that every Aikido technique can be traced to this heritage.

We encourage anyone interested in learning Aikido to stop by one of our dojo locations and participate as our guest for a FREE class.