Saturday, May 14, 2022 – Livingston MT
MOUNTAIN WEST AIKIDO’s Spring 2022 workshop will feature Dr. James Gardner, 5th dan from Aikido of Missoula.  He will join Tony Blomert MWA Co-dojo Cho for a full day of training at the next installment of our Montana Friendship Event series.  Attendees receive solid technical instruction and teachings on how applying aiki to one’s everyday life.
MWA’s latest “in person” training workshop is going to be another outstanding learning opportunity for everyone.  Presentations from the featured instructors at these Friendship workshops are focused on providing different perspectives on the same topic, attendees leave with planting of “food for thought” on the take aways of this type of training.  Specific topics are left to the presenters to determine – so our attendees are always treated to a new and refreshing training topic.
The maximum capacity group at our January 2022 workshop, hosted by Two Rivers Aikido of Kalispell MT, focused on the topic of “ki no nagare” or flowing energy.  The schedule showcased 4 highly experienced instructors over a two day period.  Our events usually have a mix of training experience. Attendees range from beginning level students to those who have been on the mat for decades.

We request that attendees contribute a voluntary donation this 1-day workshop at the door or you can make a convenient on line donation to pre-register for the event.

1313 W. Park St. Livingston MT 59047
(West Geyser St. Entrance of the Plaza Building above the State of Montana Driver Services Bureau)

Workshop Schedule


Morning Keiko 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

Lunch (A light buffet of salad and sandwiches will be served).

If you have special dietary needs please be sure to make your own personal arrangements.

Afternoon Keiko 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.