Fall Gasshuku

Special training workshops or “gasshuku” are events that bring students together to focus on a specific topic or experience a guest instructor‘s approach to aikido. Since our first gasshuku in 2016, MWA has held these types of sessions to foster more intensive training opportunities for our students.  Workshops are held in a single day at the MWA locations throughout the year. Participation is limited to a maximum 25 students per session.  Students and the instructor experience more personal interaction using this format.  

Saturday October 5, 2019

Mark Leitzel and Leigh Schickendantz will be the Fall Gasshuku instructors. Co-dojo cho of Two Rivers Aikido / Kalispell Zen Center. 

Their approach to aikido is based in fostering and keeping the art relevant and alive in this complicated global 21st century.  Aikido’s essential philosophy and teachings as applicable in everyday life are emphasized in their class offerings, as well as in their professional world. Grounded in nearly three decades of clinical experience as mental health professionals, and supported by decades of training in the martial wisdom practice of Aikido, Mark and Leigh have developed The Embodiment of Peace Matrix© a model of Harmony in Action, based in Aikido, somatic psychology, and diverse contemplative practices.

Their aiki based work as been used as a primary training model both locally and internationally. Gasshuku participants will be invited into a deeper and wider understanding of aiki waza as it relates to our life off the mat.

Two Rivers Aikido – Kalispell, Montana

MWA gasshuku are open to aikidoka of all levels regardless of rank or school affiliations. Please be mindful of the keiko (training session) start times which are 9:30 a.m. – noon and 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  We ask that student’s help to defray the cost of conducting these sessions by making a contribution using the above link and at the same time registering for the limited space event. The link has a suggested amount of $30, but registrants may contribute any amount they wish.  Be sure to use the “drop down” menu to indicate Leitzel/Schickendantz WORKSHOP for this event.  You will receive a separate confirmation email once your registration is processed.

This event will be hosted at the MWA Livingston dojo.