Aiki Kids

is designed to help youth increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Open enrollment for all classes have been suspended until June 2022!

The Inaugural 2015 Aiki Kids Summer Program Participants

Youth classes are structured to provide healthy physical movement and mental focus. Students, ages 6 – 12, are introduced to the basics of rolling (ukemi), safely falling and other essential aikido movements.  Co-ordinated body & mind exercises and character development. We offer a year round training schedule for children and teens (13- 17 yrs).

9th Annual Summer Aiki Kids Basics Program is offered in June and July 2022 (Wed & Fri 4-5 p.m)  

Plan ahead for this coming summer’s program, the $149 package includes:
12 classes, Aikido Uniform (dogi), 10th kyu ranking* (belt and official certificate) and our summer Picnic in the Park.








The Aiki Kids Program COVID Protocol:

MWA has instituted a rigorous disinfecting and daily sanitation regimen to help maintain a safe environment. Due to the strenuous physical exercise involved in training, the wearing of mask is optional while participating. However, all children over the age of 12 are required to show proof of Covid vaccination to participate.   We ask that all visitors and observers wear a mask while in the general seating area. We require that students (parents) practice self discipline to safeguard everyone.  If your child isn’t feeling well or has had recent exposure to a known COVID-19 infection, please do not attend class until it is safe to do so.  Please check back as the Park County Health District’s guidelines and recommendations change frequently based on the current pandemic situation.

Aikido can help your child learn many important life lessons.  Here are just some of the benefits of aikido training:

  • Learn New Coping Skills
  • Develop Better Focus and Concentration
  • Develop Better Respect for Authority
  • Make New Friends
  • Improve Social Skills
  • Develop Better Human Relation Skills
  • Enhance Leadership Skills
  • Greater Self-Discipline

Aiki Kids is foremost FUN!


The Youth class is held on Wednesday/Friday afternoons from 5:15 – 6:00 p.m.  Please contact us for detail information on specific dates which typically coincide with the start of the Livingston School District’s scholastic year.